Below are books and guides I’ve created for Beck’s. Each year’s campaign changes, as well as some contents and program details. Click images to view/download pdf contents.


A collection of digital work (HTML5 ads, email graphics, arena display graphics, etc.) and social media ads/posts. I’ve created content for several different brands including Beck’s, London House Grand Cayman, Why I Farm, and Pixel & Bracket. Click images to view full screen.


These 15ft x 100ft background animations were created for several annual events hosted at JW Marriott in downtown Indianapolis. They are built using Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, and After Effects. Click images to view full screen.


All videos shown are either solely created by me or as a part of Beck’s in-house creative. Depending on the project my role varied: filming, editing, writing, presentation, photography, motion graphics, etc.


Many photos from previous projects and all photos below are shot and edited by me. Most are shot on various Canon DSLRs (T3i, T5i, 7D, 6D).